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"Homemade Tannerite"

So-called, "Homemade Tannerite" and patent rip-off targets can often end in catastrophic failure, and has in fact ended up causing serious injury and death. Unfortunately the internet is riddled with attempts to show others how to engineer various items, and in this case, a patented and safe item. We have inspected many other types of infringing products, and some homemade recipes are incredibly unstable and can be detonated on accident by static electricity, friction, and/or flame, making it lethal to the creator.

We don't wish to prevent others from experimenting on their own and having fun, but we have heard it all, from people being blown in half by infringing brand X targets, to a young man who blew his pants off (and some other appendages with it), then claimed it was "Tannerite®", which it was NOT. Every time someone gets hurt with their own concoction or a fly-by-night patent thief's product, we get pointed at, and we are sick and tired of it.

You have been warned, and Tannerite® accepts no responsibility for any website or individual purporting to have a recipe for homemade Tannerite. We have spoken with, and have on record, contact data to individuals who have in fact been injured by homemade exploding target recipes. The REAL patented Tannerite® target is safe, stable, and can not be activated by anything other than a high powered rifle round.

The only persons or companies allowed to use our trademarked name or sell binary exploding targets, are authorized distributors of Tannerite® Sports LLC. We have dealer programs for those who are interested in being in the business of reselling Tannerite® Brand Binary Exploding Targets.

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