Jun 2010 18

Tannerite® introduced the Binary Exploding Rifle Target to civilians for long range target practice many years ago. We are the inventors of the Binary Exploding Target and they are a patented product. We designed Tannerite® to be a safe, legal, and effective training tool. With Tannerite®, there is no chance of a fire, and no chance of accidental initiation from other sources such as friction or static.

Tannerite® is NOT a “Firework (UN0336/UN0335)” or a “Pyrotechnic (UN0431/UN0432”). These items have unique United Nations numbers, separating them from each other. Tannerite® is exempt from state and federal regulatory controls under the “Small arms exemption clause” as a shot indicator. A civilian may shoot exploding rifle targets the same day they are mixed as long as they don’t exceed their state’s limit on black powder. Per CFR, federal law allows you to possess 50 lbs of “pre-mixed” powder for sporting use. A state such as Maryland has a limit of 5 pounds. This means that you may not possess over 5 pounds of “mixed” Tannerite at any given time in Maryland, however, you may possess as much UNMIXED Tannerite as you wish, and combine the binary targets in smaller quantities as you shoot them.

Tannerite® and black powder are comprised of a combination of oxidizers and fuels. The difference is that Tannerite® is much safer than ordinary black powder, or any other sporting powder because it is not flammable and will not burn in either it’s mixed or unmixed state. Furthermore it can’t start a fire when shooting it, since it is an oxygen-robber and as such will actually extinguish and suppress fire.

When combining Tannerite®, you are not required to have a license UNLESS you choose to mix the compounds COMMERCIALLY. A situation that would require a license would be if a shooting range were to  mix and sell the targets for any form of reimbursement, but an individual MAY mix and shoot Tannerite® for any NON-commercial sporting purpose.