Jun 2010 18

We offer Tannerite® Binary Exploding Targets to law enforcement and fire authorities. Various sniper teams throughout the world use Tannerite as a long range shot indicator. Sold to individual members of the departments as well.

We also offer a wide range of LE/FD explosive tools and training devices. Everything from explosive cutting tape and caulking to distraction devices for entering “Burn-to-learn” settings, where a loud distraction device is needed to authentically simulate exploding household appliances. We offer specialty items that we design, and that are simply not sold anywhere else. For government orders, please fax or mail us a contract on an official letterhead and we will follow with a return contact within  24 hours. All non-regulated items are shipped the same day as the order is placed.

For Government sales and service, please contact US Tactical, an ITAR approved contractor.

Tannerite GSA Sales Contact:

U.S. Tactical Supply Inc.

GSA GS-07F-0259N

541-928-8645 PH

541-791-2965 FX