Jun 2010 18

We sell Tannerite® Binary Exploding Targets to the US Military for practice in long range sniper shooting, as well as simulation purposes. As well, we offer other common Military explosives such as Det-Cord, C-4, M-1 Lightning Powder, RDX based energetic material, and many forms of unique special effects.

For larger orders we will contract on a net-90 schedule and the product can be picked up directly from our licensed premises or trucked to the procurement address. To purchase, please submit your order on an official letterhead and either fax it to our machine at 541-744-1406 or send via email or USPO. We will follow with a return and ETA within 24 hours.

For Government sales and service, please contact US Tactical, an ITAR approved contractor.

Tannerite GSA Sales Contact:

U.S. Tactical Supply Inc.

GSA GS-07F-0259N

541-928-8645 PH

541-791-2965 FX