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Our patented and trademarked invention is designed for precision, long range target practice. Tannerite®, when used as prescribed, is safe/legal/fun for shooters from all walks of life. Please read all sections of this website so that you know you are in compliance with regulations.

Hit your mark with Tannerite<sup>®</sup>In 2010, the USFS issued a ruling that Tannerite® can not be used when there is a “Special Order” in effect. Although Tannerite® will notinitiate a fire, infringers have started adding exotic incendiary chemicals to the invention, and the Forest Service, not being able to differentiate between targets, and not being schooled in chemistry, has encompassed all exploding targets in the ban during fire orders. You can easily tell if there is a special order in a particular area, as the access road will have a large orange sign that states seasonal and time restrictions on the use of chainsaws/firearms/camp fires, etc. Please respect our public lands and the other users of our forests and follow all rules in your area.

As with firearms, cannons, stereos, etc. Just because you can own and use them, doesn’t mean that you are immune to charges of “Disturbing the peace” and other such acts. Use common sense and respect adjoining property owner’s right to tranquility. If you live in a congested area, don’t shoot Tannerite® there. Drive to a safe and remote location for your shooting exercise.

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